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Talks and Workshops for Schools, Libraries and Festivals

Please note that I have very limited availability during the 2015-2016 school year. If you are interested in booking me, please contact me as early as possible.


I can deliver a 45 to 60 minute presentation for children and young people in Key Stages 1-3 about my work writing and illustrating books. With small groups of up to 35 I can show original sketches and artwork as well as lead a short hands-on drawing project. For presentations to large groups, the host must be able to provide digital projection equipment, a microphone and a screen to show PowerPoint presentations.

Themes I emphasize in my presentations: you are somebody, value your ideas, cherish your own stories, keep practicing doing what you love, don't give up on your dreams!

"I really liked it because we drawed our own island. And you get to learn how people make books. And you get to meet Teresa. And it's a lot of fun."
Liam, age 8

"Fun, interesting, exciting learning experience, really good."
Primary Class Teacher, Edinburgh

Short Workshops for Children


I offer inspiring workshops that excite children about writing and illustrating stories. I have led workshops in schools, libraries, festivals, art and community centres.

My workshop projects integrate Expressive Arts skills for pupils at varied developmental stages and ability levels. I encourage pupils to express themselves creatively through storytelling, working with written words, designing images that integrate with and support the story narrative and completing an original, hand constructed book.

I can work with teachers to design workshops that support and enhance the curricular themes they are exploring with their classes. I am experienced in working within the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and have completed projects with very successful outcomes.

“Teresa was a joy to work with. She was very well organised and her sessions were carefully planned and exciting. She was very skilled at working with the children and inspiring them to achieve a very high standard of work.”
Deputy Head Teacher, Glasgow

General Information

Travel: Outside of Leeds, West Yorkshire, I require any travel and accommodation expenses to be covered by the host.

Workshop Materials: Most of the general materials required for my workshops are provided by the school or art centre hosting me. I provide some specialised materials not normally available in schools as part of my fee and I can provide basic materials at an extra cost to the host.

Preparation: Children and adults get more out of my workshops and presentations if they know a bit about me and have read any of my books. Please contact me if you would like me to provide any materials before my visit.

Costs: I charge £165 for a one-hour talk or workshop session plus travel expenses. A half day in one school, comprising two sessions, is £330. A full day in one school, comprising a maximum of four events, is £550. I regret that I can only do single sessions in the Leeds area. For events in schools and libraries outside Leeds, please contact me for a quotation that includes travel and accommodation (if necessary).

Further questions? Please contact me.

East Street Arts, Patrick Studios, St Mary's Lane, Leeds LS9 7EH, United Kingdom
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