I am keen to move into illustration. Designing cards and books is what I would like to do, but am unclear how to start and who to contact in regards to submitting my work.

I am asked this so often that I have added some links to good blogs and websites other illustrators have created on this subject. The thing that I cannot emphasise enough, in addition to all the excellent advice out there, is how crucial persistence is. It took me years to get my first book illustration contract.

I had to do a lot of research on the right publishers to submit my work to, get my style honed and market myself via postcards and web. There is no shortcut and this process does not stop after you get your first job.

The freelance life is not for everyone, but if you are passionate about following your dream, your persistence will pay off and you will find your way through.

I am an illustration student doing a research project. Can I send you my questionnaire?

I receive many questionnaires from students and I try to help if I can. It is really useful for me to know when you need to have the questionnaire returned. If I am not too occupied with deadlines, I will be happy to help. And if I can't, I will let you know.

I am a student seeking a work placement in an illustrator's studio. Do you take on work placement students?

Unfortunately I can't help with this due to space limitations in my studio.

I am an aspiring author and have written a children's story. Could you illustrate it for me so I can submit it to publishers?

I am really flattered when authors approach me about their manuscripts, but you do not need to have your story illustrated to submit it to publishers. If your story is acquired, the publisher will hire an illustrator to work with your story.

All you need to do is submit your manuscript to publishers that you think would be interested in your work. Spend time in the children's section of your local library or bookshop, and see which publishers' titles seem in tune with your work. Also, have a look at the many terrific resources listed on my Links page.

There is a wealth of information on publishers and their submission guidelines. And by all means, feel free to suggest me to your publisher as the illustrator for your first book!

Can I buy your cards anywhere?

Please visit my online shop!

Do you have a price list for your work?

Illustration commissions are priced by the job, depending upon the complexity and size of the art, the deadline and how the image will be used in print. Please contact me directly for further information on commissions. If you are interested in any of the artworks on my Gallery page, please contact me directly.

I welcome your questions. Just go to my Contact page and send me an email! Thank you.

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